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electric smoker insider 2018 what s the best electric - best electric smoker is a must have in your summer kitchen smoking has been prevalent for years because it allows you to cook food most common cuts of meat using the smoke from a controlled source of heat, the unofficial masterbuilt smoker cookbook a bbq smoking - if you own a masterbuilt electric smoker this cookbook is the perfect guide to help you use your new machine electric smoker recipes make your life simpler than ever since electric smokers are basically set it and forget it type machines, masterbuilt 20071117 30 digital electric smoker amazon com - this is a great smoker for the money even a bit more money the only reason i gave it 3 stars if because nowhere does it let the user know that it doesn t really generate smoke below 180 200 degrees, barbecue recipe big bob gibsons championship pork - compared to ribs pulled pork didn t take me long to get it to a place i was happy with in just about one and half meatwave seasons i felt my recipe for a smoked pork butt was pretty top notch i actually preferred my homemade pork to most i got in restaurants and at the big apple bbq block party with one big exception big bob gibson s to this day i have not eaten a barbecued pork shoulder